7 Tips for Pinterest

Social media platforms can help build your mobile home sales business. Here are some great ideas from Lori Fisher for using Pinterest to promote your business.

Build Your Real Estate Brand With Pinterest With These 7 Tips

Pinterest logo - using social media to build your real estate business

What I am learning through my own journey in building my business is that the more that people can learn about you, your company and your philosophy online, the less you actually will have to sell yourself when they are ready to use your service. They have already begun to connect with you without you even knowing it. And, since selling makes me totally queasy, I'm all for building my brand bit by bit online. One of the tools that I use, and that I maybe just a tad obsessed with is, my Pinterest board.

For me, Pinterest is a place where I can share my aesthetic and staging perspective with a broad community of people. And, what I have also come to understand is that, while you may feel overwhelmed with all of the marketing options available to you, if you are just consistent with one or two, people will respond.

All that said, I am sure you are wondering if Pinterest really has any value for Realtors. Ab-so-lutely!

With just over 4 million and counting people sharing pins in this community, it is a ripe opportunity for you to connect with buyers and sellers alike in your area. And, since it is a super visual site that you can use links in, it is an ideal way for you to build your Google power. And, honestly, who doesn't want that power? Here 7 key ways that you can build your brand on Pinterest while growing your search engine mojo:

  • Visually Build SEO: When you use the site to Pin, let's say, a photo of one of your properties for sale, you can link the photo back to your website so that the viewer can be driven right to your website. Then, if you are strategic with those links and the words in your description, you are building your SEO one pin at a time. Not sure which keywords you should be using in your descriptions, check out Google keywords.
  • Brand Yourself: This is your chance to once again, share your knowledge, expertise, personality, perspective, successes and your listings. This is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about making sure that your listings look amazing when they hit the virtual market. Sellers will want to work with someone whose listings look polished and professional and appear to be an expert on the community that they sell in. And, buyers want to know that they also have a real estate and community expert on their team when they go to make that all important big purchase.
  • Use Local Links: By using your City and State in your descriptions, you are building your street cred about how well you know your market. It is a wonderful compliment to all of the tools that you probably already use to showcase your neighborhood know-how.
  • Build Your Email Marketing List: Add a high quality image to each of your blog posts and then pin those pictures over at Pinterest with a link to your blog and a description that is keyword rich. You should have an opt-in box on your blog page so that someone can subscribe to your email list from that page.
  • Build Your Raving Fan Base: Create a "Happy Clients" board. After your settlement with your clients, either take a picture with your phone or a short video clip of them espousing your true Realtor greatness and then ask if you can put it on your "Happy Clients" board. Then, of course, you will want to link to this board from one of your blog posts or your Facebook page so that people can see how awesome it is to work with you.
  • Help Your Clients Stage Their Houses: I think that we can all agree that staging is a huge win-win for Realtor and seller but sometimes the sellers don't know this or they don't know how to execute a properly staged house. You can help them see what you mean. Create a "How to Stage Your House" board with examples of your best listings or great photos from online. Tutorials like this, or how to buy or sell smarter are all great ways to share your knowledge and your value.
  • Let Everyone Know You Are On Pinterest: Now, you can do all of the above but if you overlook this last one, then, you have just done yourself a huge disservice. Make sure to put your Pinterest link in your email signature, on your website and announce it on Facebook, Twitter and in your newsletter.

If you want to see an example of how to create your brand on Pinterest, please, check out my Pinterest board or search for the keyword "real estate" or "realtor". I think that you will find that there are a lot of great examples there that will just make you cooler, hipper and more well known to that new generation of house buyer and seller!

Lori Fischer from Rethink Home Interiors is a Home Staging expert who strategically stages house for the online market and for the live real estate market in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties and the Mainline in Pennsylvania. To get the insider's track with tons of home staging tips, strategies and trainings, visit us today at http://www.rethinkhomeinteriors.com.

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