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Common Questions from Pros

Is this a trial?

No! Your account is free!
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How does MHGiant make money?

We offer unlimited images for $6.95 per month / listing, but this is optional.

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We offer set monthly pricing and limited area exclusive deals on our featured listings while they last.
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Need More Details?

24 / 7 access to make changes

You will have access to make changes to your listings to add new images, change a price or mark it SOLD 24/7 through our control panel. Just login and make your changes in seconds.

Fast loading, mobile friendly pages

Today, more and more buyers are searching for mobile homes for sale using their smartphones. Our website was built from the ground up using a design technique called "mobile first". This means that our website pages will automatically adjust and resize to fit any device and look good. So we don't need a separate app or website for mobile users...1 website, any device.

Social media links

We believe that your social media links should be included with every listing, and they are! This will provide another way for potential buyers to contact you about buying your mobile homes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram are available.

Build a new listing in minutes

We make adding features and appliances easy. With over 55 Features & appliances to choose from it's just a few clicks and you’re done. If we missed something just let us know and we will try to add it that same day.

Go live when you’re ready

Your mobile home listings will go live on our website instantly when you’re ready. Just click on "Activate Listing" when everything is the way you want it and that's it!

Google map link

All of our mobile home listings come with a link to a Google map so your potential buyers can always see right where the mobile home is located and what is around the area.

Video tour of mobile home link

Got a video of the mobile home that is for sale? Great, you can add a link to your video tour of the mobile home from websites like YouTube and Vimeo and you link will appear in your listing.

Unlimited open houses

Want to have an Open House for you mobile home? No problem, you can have as many as you like, included.

Images of mobile home

All listings include 3 mobile home images. You can add unlimited images for a listing $6.95 per month (optional)

Unlimited description text

How about unlimited text for your homes description? Of course, as much as you want.

Printable brochure of mobile home

Print a brochure of your mobile home. Our mobile home brochure is a 1 page version of your listing to print and give to potential buyers so they can make notes and have a takeaway about your home.

Confidential email

Your email will stay confidential, never displayed

Spam protection

We employ spam protection on every contact form, this will help keep your email inbox "spam safe"

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