Living in a Manufactured or Mobile Home in Tennessee


Live in the country with the beautiful scenery of mountains or pastures in a manufactured home on your own land.  You can either buy the land first and move a home to your land or purchase a home already on land.

Tennessee does have regulations when purchasing a manufactured home or trailer.  Tennessee law does require an owner to purchase insurance within a certain amount of days or they can repossess the mobile home.  The owner must place the home on land zoned residential, estate, general residential and agricultural zones, to remain lawful in the state of Tennessee.

Only one dwelling may reside on any piece of property. To add a trailer home to the property, a licensed surveyor must cut a tract off for the second dwelling. All homes must have a minimum of .92 acres and have 50 feet of county road frontage to access both homes.  A new mobile home can replace a current home as long as it is within 6 months and the health department has approved the dwelling.

The Tennessee Manufactured Housing Association has plenty of information about communities, dealerships and education about manufactured homes.  Learn the federal requirements for moving a mobile home